We team up with our customers’ technical department and make our R+D+i team available in order to achieve the most appropriated solution for them to satisfy their technical and commercial needs.


The collaboration with our costumers blankets all the development phases: from the implementation of the starting specifications document to the supplying of the product that satisfies all the expected needs.


We dispose of a quality assurance department which main objective is making sure that all the supplied products respect the accorded level of quality and reliability.


Our quality assurance department has at its disposal the test systems developed personally for each of the manufactured products to validate their behaviour before being supplied.


SELBA S.L. guarantees their costumers an absolute confidentiality about the development of their products and the technical solutions that have been adopted to maximize the benefits of the final product. In order to reaffirm this confidentiality, we only work with one single customer for each of the market segments we are present in.

Activity Segments

During our trajectory within the design and development of electronic products we can highlight, between others:
  • Vending Machines
  • HVAC systems
  • Cabling test systems
  • Polypropylene tubes welding system
  • Bus access systems control
  • Semaphore regulation devices
  • Weighing devices
  • Laser marking systems
  • Electronic control devices for railway applications
  • Engine regulation devices
  • Machine regulation devices
  • Communication systems